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We are experts in providing quality candidates from different parts of the world to the local market. Hire Smart Services offers accompaniment and support according to the needs of companies, focusing on the recruitment and hiring of candidates with the best skills for each of our vacancies.

A little history.

This started a few years ago when our director, after 23 years in the sector, decided that with the arrival of so many people to this incredible place and the exponential growth that Malta has had, it was necessary to venture into connecting people who were looking for employment with clients. who needed labor, and that is how little by little we became the bridge to connect and help people who were looking for a better opportunity.


Expand our work team to a number greater than 100 by the first period of 2025, surpassing borders and providing employment opportunities for people from more than 10 countries


Select, recruit and support any person who is looking for a job, providing the competent and necessary information to carry out a due process, guaranteeing its management and development.

General objectives

  • Increase the competitiveness of the company
  • Introduce freshness and new visions
  • Achieve company goals
  • Generate a greater composition of the workforce

Specific objectives

  • Attract and connect a greater number of qualified candidates
  • Attract people with skills and experiences for specific positions
  • Reduce “time to hire”
  • Improve the success rate in the selection process

Hire Smart Service Ltd.

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